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Why get a car insurance quote

Car insurance is a legal insurance in the UK and all car owners and drivers must have either third party or fully comp insurance on their vehicle.

Car insurance premiums seem to rise from year to year and because of this you will need to shop around for the best and cheapest deals. Simply by comparing a 3 - 4 insurers, you should save yourself a reasonable amount of money. Also buying your car insurance online will get you even further discounts. Don't stick with your current car insurance provider get a few quotes when your insurance comes up for renewal and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Things to Consider when getting a quot on your insurance:

Calculate the realistic value of your car
Firstly calculate a realistic value for your car, this is because if your car is written off insurers will only pay the market value of the car. If you over estimate the value of your car you may end up paying a higher premium but still only get back what the uinsurance company value the car at if it is written off.

Your Mileage
The higher your annuall mileage, the more expensive your car insurance premium will be so try not to over estimate this either.

Where you car is parked is also important to consider. Parking your vehicle on the roadside will mean higher premiums than parking the vehicle in an off road garage or drive way.

Try to avoid losing your no claims bonus
If you make a claim and the accident is your fault you will loose your no claims discount, becuase of this it may be worth paying to have the damage repaired out of your own pocket or paying to have your no claims protected. The standard discount for not claiming in 5 years is about 65%.

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